Welcome to the webpage devoted to the Carleton Area Camporee on May 24-26th, 2013 !
As with other Area events, the two Groups organizing the Camporee this year are 1st and 4th Kanata.

Once again it will be held at the Fitzroy Provincial Park.
The Theme is "Explorers".  Go in any compass direction with this one...
- space
- historical explorations (Samuel de Champlain, etc.)
- Baden Powell
- etc...
Come back on occasion as we post new information. Fee is $20 per registrant (youth, Scouter, or adult). 
Start your parent CYS training now! :-)
Key dates are:
March 31st, Registrations Due
May 16th, 7pm at Roch Carrier School. Package & T-Shirt Pick-up & pre-camp meeting.
If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer, drop us a note anytime.
Paul Barbeau
Camp Chief (paul.barbeau@1stKanataScouts.org) and the
1st & 4th Kanata Scouting Groups